Due to the many events we support and are requested to attend, any member in good standing is considered capable of organizing and leading an ad-hoc ride with other members to a Chapter sanctioned event.

A critical component of the ride is the initial staging area, or rally point.

The staging area is the location all participating members are expected to gather at as a start point to a ride.  Characteristics of a good staging area are:

1.  Safety.  Riders have been killed in Rhode Island waiting to pull in to a staging area.  How do we keep it safe?

    a.  Make it easy to get to.  Forcing riders to read or remember complex directions only distracts them.  If most members are coming in from the Interstate, make it near an exit, so they don't have to contend with side street traffic, etc.

    b.  Establish it either at a quite location, or on the right side of the road off the exit, to keep them from having to stop in the middle of the road to cross to the left.  This eliminates the possibility of a collision.

    c.  Establish it on the same side of the road in the direction of the final destination, again, to keep riders from crossing oncoming lanes.

    d.  Keep the group away from the entrance.  This will keep on-lookers from gawking and not paying attention to the road, potentially hitting a rider.

    e.  Ensure there is no way a bottle neck can form at the entrance.  Allow riders to pull right in without having to stop in the road, avoiding possible rear end collisions.

    f.  If it is a new area, mark the entrance with an agreed upon sign or post a member in order to direct members as they arrive.

    g. The location should be chosen and utilized so as not to impede on civilian traffic or establishments.

2.  Food, fuel and restrooms:

    a.  Near a gas station, etc.  When its time to go feet up, bladders are empty and tanks are full.

3.  Parking/line-up:

    a.  Its not necessary to park in formation, but we do want to present an organized appearance as a group.  Every rider should back up to the curb.  Once the safety briefing is given, all riders line up per SOP.  A safety briefing will always be given, no matter how short the ride.

4.  Exit.  

    a.  The road is blocked by the Tail Gunner/Asst RC as the riders pull out.  He then picks up the rear.

5.  General.

    a.  No trash is left behind in a staging area, as this promotes the wrong image of our organization.  We will not interfere with any local business.

The staging area is a critical element in what we do as an organization.  Using these basic guidelines will ensure we enjoy the day as safely as possible.